Vf. Omu’ – Muntii Bucegi / Omu’ peak in Bucegi mountains

O vizita pe cel mai inalt si cel mai accesibil varf din Bucegi (2514 m) . De ce zic cel mai accesibil? O urcare cu telecabina din Busteni pana la Cabana Babele scuteste partea mai grea a drumului spre varf, de la cabana ramane doar o urcare de 1h -1,5h care este destul de usoara. Cand am urcat aici, am vazt oameni de toate varstele, de la copii la domni si doamne trecuti de prima tinerete, unii pregatiti de munte in bocanci si haine calduroase, altii in tricouri si adidasi. Varful Omu’ este pentru toti…

Aproape de varf, pe platoul Omu’ la o altitudine de 2507 m ne asteapta Cabana Omu’. Ridicata prima oara in 1888, era cunoscuta la vremea aceea ca „Casa de piatra de la Varful Omul”. In vizita mea aici, pana la cabana am murit de cald, in schimb imediat cum am pus piciorul pe platou am simtit un vant puternic si rece (noroc ca stiam la ce sa ma astept si aveam si ceva haine mai calduroase in rucsac), deci aveti grija ce echipament luati cu voi in urcare 🙂  O poza sau doua din varf unde sigur veti mai intalni cativa oameni montani aici, si dupa atingerea varfului, la cabana sigur gasiti un ceai cald sa va dea energie pentru drumul de intoarcere…

Drum bun…


A visit to the tallest and most accessible peak of the Bucegi mountains (2514 m). Why do i say the most accessible? A climb from Busteni with the cable cart will take you all the way to Babele lodge, thus avoiding most of the trekk up the mountain. From the Lodge, there is an easy climb of about 1h-1,5h. When i climbed to the peak, i spotted people of all ages, from children to ladies and gentleman past their prime, some in sturdy mountain shoes and warm clothes, while others in t-shirts and snickers. Omu’ Peak is for everyone…

Close to the top, on the Omu’ plateau, at an altitude of 2507 m, the Omu’ lodge waits to greet us. Built frist time in 1888, it was known at that time as „the stone house from Omul Peak”. In my visit here, i was dying of heat on the whole trekk, but hen i set foot on the plateau i felt a strong cold byting wind ( luckily i know what to expect and i had some warmer clothes in my backpack), so take care and use appropriate gear on your climb 🙂 A photo or two from the peak where i am sure you will meet other travelers as well, and after reaching the peek, you can go to the Lodge for a warm cup of tea 🙂

Safe travels everyone…


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  1. Posted by sharon shapira on Martie 28, 2016 at 5:31 pm

    Dear Miss/Sir

    We will be visiting Sinaia area during Jul-16.
    We are looking for Jeep tour to Bucegi mountains: Bolboci lake, Urlatoarea cascada, Tatarului Gorges, Manastirea Pestera Ialomitei, Sphinx statue (near the cable car).
    We understood it around 5hr tour.

    May you propose me



    • Posted by gamezplayi on Martie 28, 2016 at 7:08 pm

      There are a few jeep operators in the town of Bucegi. They are usually found in the area of the cable car and in front of Hotel Silva. When you get there, just talk to one of them and tell them the tour you want to take 🙂


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