Gradina botanica „Alexandru Borza” – Cluj / Botanical Garden of Cluj

Una dintre cele mai frumoase gradini botanice din tara (cel putin asa am auzit), este intradevar ceva ce nu vreti sa ratati daca aveti drum prin Cluj-Napoca. Inscrisa pe lista monumentelor istorice din Cluj, gradina este impartita in mai multe sectoare, printre care o superba gradina japoneza si o gradina romană cu vestigii arheologice din vechea colonie romană Napoca. Deasemenea de vizitat aici este muzeul botanic (pe care eu l-am ratat deoarece era inchis in weekend) cat si serele, daca le gasiti deschise.

Am avut ocazia de a vedea gradina botanica in culori pitoresti de toamna, cu frunze acoperind o mare parte din alei. Am fost surprins de un numar mare de tineri (voluntari cred) ce amenajau si ingrijau plantele si curatau frunzele de pe aleile gradinii… Eu ma uitam ciudat la ei, ei se uitau ciudat la mine, deoarece aveam un rucsac imens in spate (nu ajunsesem inca la cazare).

M-am plimbat la pas incet prin toata gradina, am admirat superbele statui ce se afla aici, pana am descoperit turnul cu apa. Binenteles ca am zis ca trebuie sa urc pana sus. Am lasat rucsacul la baza turnului, si am si pornit pe scari cu camera in mana. Spre ghinionul meu, am urcat grabit si nu eram atent la turn prea mult, ochii mei fiind la copacii si vegetatia de jur in prejur, astfel am reusit sa dau cu capul destul de tare intr-o grinda de beton a turnului… Am injurat un pic dar am continuat urcarea si plimbarea.

Al doilea punct unde mi-am abandonat un pic rucsacul au fost serele. Nu aveam de gand sa ma plimb cu el in spate, asa ca l-am lasat in holul de intrare de la sere (m-am gandit ca nu il fura nimeni 😛 ). Serele, superbe, impartite in cateva categorii: sera acvariu unde temeratura si umiditatea erau foarte ridicate si obiectivul camerei se aburea instant. fotografiile le-am facut stergand obiectivul repede exact inainte de a face fotografia 🙂 ; sera palmierilor, plina de o vegetatie deasa si copaci uriasi ce ma faceau sa ma simt ca un mic copil in comparatie cu maretia lor. ; sera plantelor mediteraniene si australiene, un loc unde m-am racorit putin si unde am intalnit niste oameni foarte de treaba care mi-au dat un buna ziua ; sera de cactusi care era inchisa 😦 si pe care am admirat-o putin de afara doar.

Cea mai impresionanta parte a acestei gradini botanice ramane totusi gradina japoneza, ce este amenajata in stilul tradițional gyo-no-niwa. Un lac artificial cu o mica insula si cateva elemente specifice japoniei, ne tranporta instant intr-o alta lume. Pe un mic podulet de aici am reusit eu sa cad in fund =)) Incaltamintea mea nu prea era adecvata pentru frunze si lemn ud, asa ca am alunecat… Inca un pic de durere si niste noroi pe pantaloni se mai intampla. Nu am lasat asta sa imi strice vizita aici 🙂

Imi pare rau ca nu am apucat sa vizitez muzeul botanic. Eram curios. Dar promit ca incerc sa vin cu cateva informatii si photos de la muzeul botanic din Bucuresti, pentru ca la Cluj nu stiu cand ajung din nou 🙂

In final cateva dotografii. O zi buna tuturor.


One of the most beautiful botanic gardens of our country (at least that’s what i heard), it is indeed something you would not want to miss on your trip through Cluj-Napoca. Enlisted as a historical monument of Cluj, the garden is divided in different specific sectors, among them an amazing Japanese garden and a roman garden, with archeological relics from the old roman colony of Napoca. Also to be visited here is the Botanical Museum (i missed it because it was closed on the weekend) as well as the greenhouses, if you find them open.

I had the oportunity to see the garden in the scenic colors of autumn, with fallen leaves covering most of the alleys of the park. I was surprised by a large nomber of youths (volunters i think), that were taking care of a few plans and also clearing the leaves from the pathways… I was looking at them strangely, they were looking strangely at me, because i had a huge backpack with me (i did not reach the place i was staying at to check in)

I walked slowly through all the garden, admiring the different statues, until i discovered the water tower. Of course i had to climb to the top of it. I left my backpack at the base of the tower and started up the stairs with my camera. To my misfortune, i was climbing in a rush, without paying attention to the tower, my eyes being drawn to the surrounding trees and plants. Thus i managed to bang my head hard on a concrete support beam… I cursed a bit, but i continued with the cimb and the later the stroll

The second place where i abandoned my backpack were the greenhouses. I wasn’t planning on walking around with it on my back, so i left it in the entrance hallway (i was thinking no one would steal it 😛 ) The greenhouses are amazing, divided in specific categories: The aquarium house where the temperature and the humidity are very high and the lens on my camera kept getting steamed. The photos i took here, i did while whiping down my lens constantly right before i took the shot 🙂 ;
The palm house full of big and thick vegetation and some huuuuuge trees that made me feel like a dwarf compared with their magestic hights. ; The mediterranean and australian plants greenhouse where i cooled down a bit and where i met some nice people that offered me a hello ; The cacti house that was sadly closed 😦 i admired this a bit from the outside only.

The most impresive part of the botanic garden is still the „Japanese Garden”, arranged in the traditional gyo-no-niwa style. An artificial lake with a small island and a few elements specific to japan, will transport any traveler to a different world. On a small bridge here i managed to fall on my ass =)) My shoes were not made for wet leaves and wet wood, so i slipped… A bit more pain and a some mud on my pants… it happenes. I did not let this spoil my visit here 🙂

I am sorry i missed visiting the botanical museum. I was curious. I promise to try to show you some info and photos from the botanical museum of Bucharest, since i do not know when i willbe in Cluj again 🙂

In the end a few photos. A good day to all.


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