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Catedrala catolica din Ditrau / The catholic Cathedral in Ditrau

Ditrau este un mic sat din judetul Harghita, prin care am avut drum pur imtamplator, dar care m-a surprins foarte foarte placut. Marcata in circuitul turistic al legendelor harghitene, va urez bine ati venit la Catedrala romano-catolica Ditrau.

Catedrala atrage atentia de la mare distanta cu cele doua turnuri ale sale ce se pot vedea deasupra oricarei alte cladiri din zona. Construita intre anii 1908-1911 dupa planurile arhitectilor István Kiss si Ede Dorzsák in stil neogotic-eclectic, a devenit repede cel mai important monument arhitectural al zonei. Deasemenea este in prezent cel mai mare lacas de cult al zonei.

Nu am avut foarte mult timp la aceasta oprire, dar suficient pentru cateva fotografii si pentru a admira arhitectura majestica a cladirii.


Ditrau is a small village in the county of Harghita, that i happened to come across by pure chance and which left me very pleasantly surprised. Marked in the touristic circuit of Harghita’s legends, i welcome you all to the Catholic Cathedral Ditrau.

The cathedral draws attention from a great distance with it’s two towers that can be seen from far far away above all the other buildings of the area. Built during the years 1908-1911 after plans by architects István Kiss and Ede Dorzsák in neo-gothic style, it quickly became the most important architectural monument of the area. Also presently it is the largest place of worship in the area.

I didn’t have too much time at this stop, but enough for a few photos and a stroll through this great monument to admire it’s majestic architecture 🙂


Cheile Bicazului si Lacul Rosu / Bicaz Gorges and the Red Lake

In vizita recenta prin Moldova, am dorit sa vad si faimoasele chei ale Bicazului. Ce nu am stiu la momentul respectiv a fost ca am trecut intamplator o „granita” si am facut o incursiune micuta in Transilvania si in Judetul Harghita 🙂

Pe urmele legendelor harghitene…

Nu am foarte multe sa va spun aici, cheile sunt parcurse de un drum national, accesibil astfel oricarei masini, desi daca aveti cum va recomand o plimbare pe jos prin aceste chei… Din cand in cand am oprit masina pentru a admira mai bine privelistea, la fiecare oprire fiind acompaniati de sunetul apelor Bicazului… Cheile se termina la Lacul Rosu, lac format datorita unui baraj natural, amandoua fiind importante arii naturale ale judetului. Lacul Rosu este un loc superb de vizitat, avand optiunea plimbarilor in natura, plimbari cu barca pe lac si chiar si o mica tiroliana pentru copii 🙂  Elementele care fac acest lac inedit sunt copacii scufundati sub ape, rupti exact la nivelul lacului si care se pot vedea peste tot…

Cam atat pentru acum, dar trebuie sa va spun ca aceste doua obiective, m-au motivat sa ajung si la alte obiective importante din Harghita 😀 Si acum cateva fotografi..


In my recent trip through Moldova, i wanted to see the famous Bicaz gorges. What i did not know at that time was that i randomly crossed a „border” and made a small incursion into Transilvania and Harghita County 🙂

Following Harghita’s legends…

I don’t have much to tell you here, the gorges are traveled by a national road, accessible to any car, but if you have the option, i recommend you cross the gorges by foot… Once in a while we made small stops along the way to better admire the view, at each stop being followed by the sound of the Bicaz waters… The gorges end at the Red Lake, formed by a natural dam, both being important natural areas of the county. The Red Lake is a superb place to visit,  having the option to gently walk around the lake or even take a trip by boat on the lake, and there is even a small zip line for children 🙂 The elements that make this lake truly special are the underwater trees, broken at water level that can be seen everywhere …

That’s about it for now, but i have to tell you that these 2 objectives motivated me to look for more of Harghita’s sights and scenery 🙂 And now a few photos…