Festivalul medieval Sighisoara / Sighisoara’s medieval festival.

Un festival vechi si cu traditie lunga, ce revine an de an in luna iulie pentru toti iubitorii artelor medievale. Este vorba de festivalul „Sighisoara Medievala”. Ajuns deja la editia cu numarul 21, acest festival schimba pentru cateva zile infatisarea Cetatii Sighisoara.

Oameni costumati, muzica medievala, piese de teatru tematice, dansuri si zambete, concerte, lupte intre cavaleri, un peisaj superb si multi oameni cu voie buna; asta este ceea ce am intalnit eu aici. De cativa ani tot incerc sa ajung la acest festival si anul asta am zis ca nu mai vreau sa aman… Un pic problematica gasirea cazarii (m-am hotarat si eu cu o saptamana inainte de festival sa merg), dar am zis ca nu conteaza, in cel mai rau caz mi-am zis ca merg cu cortul in spate 🙂 In final am gasit ceva….

A fost prima mea vizita in Sighisoara si nu stiam sigur la ce sa ma astept. WOW este tot ce pot spune. Un orasel mic, cu strazi inguste si intortocheate, cu cladiri vechi si frumoase, deja se simtea parca aerul unei alte ere. Dar asta nu a fost nimic in comparatie cu ce am descoperit in fortareata orasului… Am fost transportat instant in alta lume, in alti ani, oameni in costume medievale peste tot, cei mai evidenti fiind cavalerii ce se luptau aprig in timp ce cantece medievale rasunau in toata cetatea. Foarte multi oameni peste tot, multi turisti ca mine, romani si straini veniti din toate colturile lumii pentru acest eveniment inedit.

Evident am facut turul cetatii, am vizitat muzeele, am admirat peisajele (din turnul cu ceas aveti un punct de belvedere superb asupra orasului), am intrat si in vechile biserici gotice pentru a le admira si a profita un pic de aerul mai rece din interior, am avut chiar si sansa de a asculta un concert de orga… Orasul este superb, cetatea si mai mult.

Dupa ce am vazut toata cetatea, ma opream ocazional sa admir munca si talentul diversilor mesteri prezenti prin cetate, dar cele mai lungi opriri erau binenteles la scene unde ascultam concertele medievale, afland de cateva trupe noi incredibile. Truverii, Lupus Dacus, Ad hoc, sunt doar cateva din super trupele care au cantat in timpul festivalului. O lista mai detaliata a tuturor trupelor (dans/teatru/muzica/lupte) gasiti pe site-ul oficial al festivalului aici. Pentru cei doritori, prin cetate se tineau si lectii de dans medieval; Am avut astfel ocazia sa admir cativa dansatori foarte talentati 🙂

In fiecare seara a avut loc un spectacol tematic mai mare ce incorpora majoritatea artelor si artistilor participanti, urmat de plecarea ordinelor de cavaleri pentru ziua respectiva. Astfel la ora 2 noaptea cetatea era inca foarte plina de oameni, care incepeau incet incet sa se porneasca spre diversele lor cazari de prin oras. Un pic obositor plimbatul, topaitul, aplaudatul pentru atat timp, mai ales din cauza soarelui. Oamenii se mai ascund pe unde se gaseste un pic de iarba la umbra, sau cum a fost si cazul meu, treapta din fata turnului cu ceas oferea un loc foarte bun de stat si savurat o inghetata rece. 🙂 Suveniruri de toate felurile, pe toate drumurile. Cei doritori pot pleca acasa cu vederi, magneti de frigider, sau daca va permiteti, chiar cu o intreaga armura medievala 🙂

Cam atat pentru acum, pentru ca oricat de mult incerc sa va descriu ce am vazut, ce atmosfera era acolo, cuvintele mele nu vor reusi niciodata sa faca dreptate acestui festival. Sighisoara medievala trebuie experimentata si traita, nu povestita. 🙂

O zi buna tuturor si in final va las cu cateva filmulete si fotografii 🙂


An old festival with a long tradition, that comes back year after year in the month of july for all those who love the medieval arts. I am talking about „Medieval Sighisoara”. Now at it’s 21st edition, this festival completely changes the look of Sighisoara fortress.

Costumed people, medieval muzic, themed theatre plays, dancing and smiling, concerts, duels between knights, superb scenery and lots of happy people; this is what i found here. For a few years i’ve been trying to get to this festival and i said to myself this year i shall not miss it… I had a small problem with finding accomodations ( i decided to go with only a week left until the festival), but i said it doesn’t matter, worst case scenario i would have taken my tent with me 🙂 I managed to find something in the end…

This was my first visit in Sighisoara and i did not know what to expect. WOW is all i can say. A small city with narrow streets, with old and beautiful buildings, i could already feel the air of a different age. But all of this was nothing compared with what i found inside the fortress… I was instantly transported in a different world, in a different year, people wearing costumes everywhere, themost obvious being the knights fighting fiercely, while medieval music was playing all over the place. Lots and lots of people, tourists like me, romanian as well as foreigners from all around the world who came for this special event.

Obviously i first took a tour of the citadel, i visited museums, i admired the scenery ( There is an awesome view point from the top of the clock tower), i even entered the old gothic churches to admire them and take advantage of the cold air inside, i even had the chance to listen to a pipe organ concert… The city is amazing, the citadel even more so.

After i saw the whole fortress, i started stoping more and more to admire the work and talent of different craftsman present throughout the fortress, but the longest stops were of course at the stages where i could listen to the medieval concerts, discoverind some new amazing bands. Truverii, Lupus Dacus, Ad Hoc, arejust a few of the super amazing bands that played during the festival. O more detailed list of the performing artists (dance/theatre/music/fighting) can be found on the official site of the festival here. For all those interested, you could join lessons in medieval dances; Thus i had the occasion to admire some incredible dancers as well 🙂

In each evening there was a themed show that incorporated most of the participating arts and artists, followed by the departure of the knightly orders for the day. Thus at 2 o’clock in the night, the fortress was still packed with peaople slowly leaving towards their accomodations throughout the city. A bit tiresome to walk, jump, clap for such a long time, especially in the stong sun. People whould hide a bit wherever they could find a bit of shaded grass, or as was my case, the step in front of the clock tower offered a perfect place to sit and enjoy a cold ice cream 🙂 Souvenirs of all kind could be found everywhere. Those who wanted could take home post cards, magnets, or if you could afford it event a full plate of armor 🙂

That’s about it for now, because no matter how much i will try to describe what i’ve seen, what i’ve experienced, my words will never be able to do this festival justice. Medieval Sighisoara must be experienced and lived, not described.

I bid you all a good day and leave you with a few videos and photos 🙂


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